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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Experimental Coffee Painting

I did this in Denver with my in-laws. I've heard about painting with coffee, but had never done it till now. I think it's a lot of fun actually, and would love to do a few more to experiment with. It's all pure ground coffee with a little bit of Payne's Grey watercolor for added contrast.


Wildrose said...

Megan this is beautiful!! WOW and to think it was created with coffee!!

QT said...

i really loved this one,i couldnt believe its been painted by coffee, i actually never heard of something like that.

bird on the lawn said...

Coffee- oh how I love thee! If only I could eat ice cream flavored like you!
It was so nice to meet and walk with you yesterday. Nice work here. Really. So interesting how diverse your talent it- from paint to sketching, landscapes to portraits.
I like.